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Get rid of years of yo-yo dieting and learn how to lose weight for life in just 6 short weeks!

Nutrition Made Simple is designed specifically for busy women juggling their career, family and personal goals while looking for a simple weight loss solution that fits their demanding schedule. 

Over the course of 6 weeks, we’re going to help you master mindful eating and meal planning so you tap back into your body’s natural hunger and fullness cues, lose weight without all the complicated rules and keep it off! 

You’ll learn how to reach your weight loss goals without following any restrictive diet or rigorous fitness routine.

You’ll have Natalie in your back pocket to answer any questions you have related to mindfulness, nutrition or help you navigate your daily decisions so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and start getting results now.

Nutrition coaching at your fingertips!

Have you been struggling trying to keep up with group or private coaching sessions? 

With Nutrition Made Simple, you’ll be able to log in, view coaching sessions at your convenience and get direct support via text/voice message support Monday through Friday from 8am - 8pm CST. 

Yes, that’s right! Got a question in the middle of the day? Simply send a message and get the clarity you need! 

What’s covered?

▶ Week 1: Intro + Goal Setting - sis, we’re going to take this time to figure out what is truly going on so we can develop a game plan that will help you reach and stick to your weight loss goals. No more guessing and testing stuff out! 

▶ Week 2: Eating for Weight Loss - so you learn the proper portion sizes and how to eat for the body you want and deserve.

▶ Week 3: Covering Basic Nutrition - you’ll learn how to read and understand nutrition labels so you understand how to fuel your body and stop listening to people tell you everything you like is “bad “ for you —- making yourself miserable and missing out on all of the things you enjoy 🗑 

▶ Week 4: Preparing for Social Events - so you feel better prepared to hang with and be social with friends without feeling forced to sit in a corner and eat cold celery sticks or avoid the event altogether because you’re afraid you may eat the wrong thing. 

▶ Week 5: Dining Out - sis, there’s going to be a time where you don’t feel like cooking. Let’s be honest. Instead of freaking out and throwing your whole plan away because you “ate bad”, learn how to eat while on the go so you can finally put an end to the on again, off again diet cycle. 

▶ Week 6: Hidden Weight Gain Influences - during this last week, you'll learn about secret lifestyle influences that lead to unexpected weight gain and how to combat them!

When you sign up, you'll get:

  • Private portal to track your activity
  • Sample plating method for weight loss
  • Sample grocery shopping list
  • Dining out guide
  • Support from Natalie via voice/text
  • Private support community


You'll receive a physical copy of my 30-day goal success and manifestation planner.*IMG_0696*jpeg?alt=media&token=f66580ed-0d0b-4326-ba1c-d2536591548c*IMG_9414*jpeg?alt=media&token=a1a736a3-5121-4f47-b83f-ec5c40f71093*Whitney*jpg?alt=media&token=031d7eb6-5595-431d-b0e2-074a688e7463*Eris*jpg?alt=media&token=28785fc2-d571-4450-ba4a-f403ea9ed236

What’s the investment?

Price: $497
Special offer: use code NMS for $300 off
Offer available for the first 10 people to sign up by 5/29/24.
This program was designed specifically for high-achieving women who have regained weight in the past, looking for long-term results, and want to lose weight by focusing on improving their eating habits.
This is not for ladies who only want to lose 5-10lbs. doubt their ability to lose weight or struggle with chronic stress, emotional eating or hormonal/medical issues.
Immediately! You'll create your login and get immediate access!
Yes, personal trainers focus more on physical activity whereas we're focused on your eating habits.
Due to the nature of this offer, there will be no refunds. 
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